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When riding either solo or in a group it is essential to respect certain rules, both for your safety and the safety of others. Marble City Cyclers want our members to gain maximum enjoyment from our club spins whether highly energetic or sociable. All members take part in club spins at their own risk. Those risks can never be completely eliminated but we can create the safest possible cycling environment by following the rules of the road and the outlined club rules.

First and foremost, the rules of the road are for all road users including cyclists and must be obeyed at all times.

See RSA Rules of the Road for full details paying particular attention to Section 17 Rules for Cyclists.

See RSA Rules of the Road
  • It is important to be on time for club spins, be there 10 minutes before start time.
  • Respect the direction and advice of senior riders and the group lead.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  • Be Safe, Be Seen - wear bright clothes so that you can be seen.
  • Lights should be used day and night during the winter months – white for front, red for rear.
  • Headphones are not permitted on club spins. If you can’t hear other riders, calls and traffic a fall is inevitable.
  • Aero-bars are not permitted on club spins, as they make it unsafe.
  • Respect other cyclists by using at least a rear mudguard during winter club spins.
  • Always carry the tubes, pumps, food and tools you need to look after yourself and your bike.
  • Bringing a phone is always a good idea, however mobile phones should not be used whilst riding in the group.
  • Maintain and clean your bike. It prolongs drive-train wear and reduces the likelihood of mechanical problems. Your brakes should work properly, your tyres should be inflated to the right pressure and be in good condition.
  • Share the road wisely. Ride a maximum of two abreast and single file when there is less space. Never take up more of the road than is needed and never cross the middle lines. Keep left and ride immediately behind the rider in front.
  • If the group needs to single out, the rider on the front right will cycle in front of the rider on their left and then pull into the left in front of the rider. This will be the same the whole way down the bunch.
  • Remember everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you. Be predictable with all your actions and communicate.
  • Point out and call hazards ahead. These include potholes, drains, stray animals, opening car doors, parked cars, broken glass or other dangerous debris. Use “car up” or “car back”, for example, or “slowing” or "stopping" if you or the riders in front of you are slowing or stopping.The call should be passed down the group. Do not brake rashly upon hearing the call.
  • Ride steadily. Keep a steady line and constant speed while in a group. Maintain the same speed as the rest of the bunch without constantly surging or braking. Club spins are not races!
  • Do not half-wheel. When on the front keep the bikes handlebar to handlebar.
  • When you come to the front of the group, keep the pace consistent and match to your riding partner.
  • When approaching a hill, anticipate the gradient and change gear in good time. Missing a gear change on the steep bit can bring you to a sudden halt, this is not a good thing for the riders behind you!
  • When climbing hills, avoid following a wheel too closely. Many cyclists often lose their momentum on a hill which can cause a sudden deceleration. This can often catch a rider who is following too closely, resulting in ‘crossed wheels’ and a fall.
  • Roll Through - the frequency of rotation will depend on the size of the group, the weather, pace etc. The rider on the front right will signal/call "change", cycle in front of the rider on their left and then pull in to the left in front of the rider. This will be the same the whole way down the bunch.When you come through for your turn do so smoothly and close to the rider you are taking over from. The rider on the inside should ease the pace slightly to let the other rider through. Follow the wheels and do not let gaps open when the formation is changing. If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.
  • Do your fair share of work at the front. However if you are suffering at the front of the group call "change" yourself. The group will not be annoyed if you call early and the effort will be appreciated.
  • Mistakes happen when cyclists are tired and under pressure. So if you’re getting tired then you are better sitting on the back of the group.Signal that you are the last in the group, or if you are sitting out a turn.
  • When turning right or left and you are heading the bunch, shout “turning left”, or “turning right” and put out your hand to signal. The others behind you should do the same all the way down the bunch, in order to let traffic behind the group know of the group's intentions.
  • If someone is repeatedly making mistakes, tell them discreetly towards the end of the ride. If it is you being given constructive feedback then try to learn from it. Do not take it personally. Everyone is looking after their own and your safety.
  • Keep an eye on fellow club members. Ensure nobody gets dropped from the bunch. Should a rider(s) go out the back of a group, do not ride on and leave people on their own. Riders are safer when part of a group.
  • If there is a puncture or mechanical issue, call it out loud enough for the group to hear. The whole group should find a safe place to pull in and stop. Always wait and keep the group together.
  • When leaving a coffee/puncture/mechanical stop make sure everybody in the group is ready to leave. Do not ride off in 3's or 4's and have others playing catch up. Again riders are safer when part of a group.
  • Treat members of the group and other road users with courtesy and respect. Do not react to bad driving incidents with gestures or provoke retaliation. Remember you are representing the club when you are out there!
  • WhatsApp   
      • MCC uses the WhatsApp group messaging app as our primary means of communication among our members. The purpose of the MCC Members WhatsApp group is to share information relevant to our club and cycling only.
      • With more than 150 members in the WhatsApp group, it is extremely important that the group discussion is focused, and we do not get overwhelmed with too many messages.
      • Please do not share grievances in the WhatsApp group. If you have a genuine grievance, please contact a committee member.
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