Club Constitution

1 Name of Club

1.1 The Club name is Marble City Cyclers. This may be abbreviated to MCC or The Club.

1.2 The Club name may include the name of a sponsor or sponsors subject to the members’ approval at an AGM.


2 Objectives

2.1 The promotion of road cycling and racing.

2.2 Adherence to Cycling Ireland rules, Safeguarding Policies and Code of Ethics.

2.3 To foster the development of members as cyclists and coaches.

2.4 To provide a forum for members to interact and socialise through cycling and non-cycling activities.

2.5 To assist Club members to represent the Club at a higher level.

2.6 Apply for grants for the promotion of cycling.

2.7 To promote and hold cycle races and events in accordance with the rules set out by Cycling Ireland or other sporting bodies to whom the club may be associated.

2.8 Raise funds by subscriptions, fundraising and sponsorship.

2.9 Acquire when appropriate, equipment, facilities, Club premises and transport for the benefit of club members.

2.10 Open bank accounts in the name of Marble City Cyclers.


3 Club Clothing

3.1 The Club colours shall contain black and amber.

3.2 Clothing or advertising carrying the Club name and logo should be approved by the Club committee before manufacture, use or distribution by the Club.

3.3 Any substantial redesign of the club’s registered jersey, excluding the addition or removal of sponsors name or logos, should be voted on by members at an AGM or EGM.

3.4 Any proposal to redesign the club’s registered jersey should be notified to members at least one year in advance of any decision to adopt that redesign.

3.5 Any vote among members on a new registered jersey should include an option of retaining the current registered jersey.


4 Membership and Subscriptions

4.1 Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

4.2 Limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non- discriminatory basis subject to approval by the committee.

4.3 A Cycling Ireland license is required in order to be a club member.

4.4 The annual subscription shall become due on a date to be decided by the Committee.

4.5 The annual subscription fee shall be decided by the committee and reviewed on an annual basis.

4.6 A member whose subscription is unpaid for more than 30 days after the date notified by the Club, shall be deemed not to be a member of the Club and will cease to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership until such time as payment is made in full.

4.7 The Club members will be required to vote, at an AGM or EGM, should it be necessary that the Club requires to borrow funds and offer appropriate security for same.

4.8 The Club Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. See section 10 below Discipline.

4.9 Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to an appointed panel consisting of Club members who should not be members of the committee.

4.10 All members shall be bound by this constitution.


5 Club Committee

5.1 The Club Committee shall consist of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Designated Liaison Person and Child Protection Officer
  • At least 2 other Committee members

5.2 A Committee member can only serve for a maximum of three consecutive years in one capacity and at any one time. That member is eligible for re-election subject to a maximum of seven consecutive years.

5.3 The Club Committee may co-opt a club member to the Committee for a specific task / period of time or to serve until the next AGM. A member so co-opted to the Club Committee shall hold the title of Committee member for the duration of their stay on the Committee.

5.4 A Committee member ceases to be such if he or she ceases to be a Member of the Club, resigns by written notice, or is removed by the Committee for good cause after the Member concerned has been given the chance of putting his/her case to the Committee with an appeal to the Club members, or is removed by club members at a general meeting. The Committee shall fairly decide time limits and formalities for these steps.

5.5 Subject to these rules the Committee shall have responsibility for the Management of the Club, its funds, property and affairs.

5.6 The property and funds of the Club cannot be used for the direct or indirect private benefit of members other than as reasonably allowed by the rules.

5.7 The Club may in connection with the sports purposes of the Club:

  • Sell and supply food, drink and related sports clothing and equipment.
  • Employ members (though not for cycling) and remunerate them for providing goods and services, on fair terms.
  • Pay for reasonable hospitality for visiting teams and guests.
  • Indemnify the Committee and members acting properly in the course of the running of the Club against any liability incurred in the proper running of the Club.

5.8 The Committee will have due regard to the law on disability discrimination and Child protection.


6 Committee Meetings

6.1 A quorum of at least 4 members must be present for any committee meeting to be valid.

6.2 Committee meetings shall be held face to face where possible. Where face to face meetings are restricted by Government ruling/advice, meetings may be held via video call.

6.3 The Chairperson, or whoever else, of those present to be chosen to chair the meeting.

6.4 Decisions shall be by simple majority of those voting.

6.5 The chair of the meeting shall not vote, but in the case of a tied vote, the chair shall then cast their vote.

6.6 Whenever a Committee member has a personal interest in a matter being discussed, he/she must declare it, withdraw from that part of the meeting (unless asked to stay by a unanimous decision of the members present) and withdraw during the vote and have no vote on the matter concerned.


7 Delegation

7.1 The Committee may delegate any of its functions to sub-Committees but must:

      • Specify the scope of the Sub-Committee, its activity and powers.
      • The extent to which the Sub-Committee can commit the funds of the Club.
      • Membership of the Sub-Committee.
      • It’s duty and timeline to report back to the Committee.

7.2 The Committee may wind up any sub-committee at any time or to change its mandate and operating terms.


8 Annual General Meetings

8.1 The Club will hold an AGM once in every calendar year and not more than 13 months after the last AGM. At every AGM:

8.2 The Members will elect a Committee to serve until the next AGM, to include:

      • Chairperson
      • Vice Chairperson
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Designated Liaison Person and Child Protection Officer
      • At least 2 other committee members

8.3 The Treasurer will produce accounts of the Club for the latest financial year.

8.4 The accounts shall be inspected by a Club member who is not a committee member, or has not served on the Committee since the last AGM.

8.5 The Committee will present a report on the Club’s activities since the previous AGM.

8.6 All members may attend all general meetings of the Club in person, subject to Government ruling/advice.

8.7 Such meetings need 14 clear days’ notification to members.

8.8 The Chairperson or, in his or her absence, another member chosen at the meeting shall preside.

8.9 Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, every resolution shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast on a show of hands.

8.10 Formalities in connection with General Meetings (such as how to put down resolutions) shall be decided by the Committee and publicised to Club members.

8.11 The Members will discuss and vote on any resolution presented by the committee at an AGM.

8.12 Annual club reports and statements of account must be made available for inspection by any member.


9 Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)

9.1 An EGM shall be called by the Secretary within 7 days of a request to that effect from the Committee or on the written request of not less than 20% of members signed by them.


10 Discipline

10.1 The Club Committee shall have power to suspend and, if necessary, remove a member or members (as heretofore referred in section 4.8 above) whom they consider to have acted in a manner contrary to the interest or welfare of the Club or fellow members of the Club.

10.2 Any Club member accused of dishonest/dishonourable behaviour or conduct, or who refuses to comply with the rules or directions of the Club Committee, or behaves in a manner prejudicial to the proper conduct of this Constitution, will be subject to the disciplinary action being taken.

10.3 Any Club member who posts false, defamatory, malicious or discriminatory statements on social media or the club WhatsApp group, will be subject to disciplinary action.

10.4 The Secretary will immediately inform the Chairperson of any complaints received and the Chairperson will set up of a Disciplinary Sub-Committee (refer to section 7.1 above)

10.5 Club property lost or damaged by a member shall be replaced or made good by that member.

10.6 In the case of any dispute arising as to the interpretation of the rules of the club, the decision of the Club committee shall be final.


11 Amendments

11.1 The Club Objectives may be changed to include another eligible sport if the Committee unanimously agree and the members also agreed the change by a 75% majority of votes cast.


2024 Officers of the Committee

Ed Browne - Chairperson

David Heffernan - Vice Chairperson

Betty Byrne - Secretary

Stephen O'Driscoll - Treasurer

Phillip Tierney - Safety Officer

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