Club Spins

In a typical week we have a number of different spins to cater for various levels of ability/fitness. For those new to the club it is worth asking somebody already in the club, if possible, what spin would suit you most.

Unless stated otherwise our spins start from the main gates of Kilkenny Castle on the Parade. Routes are posted in advance and members are kept informed of any changes on the club WhatsApp group. As the seasons change the distance, elevation gained (total climbing) and average speeds differ.

Saturday Spins
Sunday Spins
Midweek Spins

Saturday Spins

8.45AM - Caters for experienced cyclists and many in this group are currently racing or have raced but this is not a requirement! The group will cover 85km in the off-season (winter months) to 140km (spring through summer) with a few specials thrown in along the way.

9AM - experienced riders in this group also and distance covered is in the range of 75km to 110km. This group often (but not always) attracts the biggest numbers.

9.15AM - This group covers a similar distance to the 9AM but at a slighter slower pace.

9.20AM - This is our leisure spin. The group caters for cyclists capable of 45km to 60km and at an average speed of approximately 23km/hr. It is an ideal group for those new to the club. There are experienced cyclists in the group who can demonstrate good group cycling technique and etiquette especially to new members who are fit but possibly new to riding in a group situation.

Sunday Spins

There are 2 spins available on Sunday mornings.

9AM - Similar in pace and distance to the Saturday 9AM spin.

9.15AM - Leisure spin, similar in pace and distance to Saturday 9.20AM spin.

Midweek Spins

10AM Tuesdays - this spin leaves from The Watershed on the Bohernatounish Road. This is a very popular spin and is usually 60km to 80km in length.

Evening Spins (April to September) - as the evenings get longer we have midweek spins usually on Tuesday and Thursday (subject to change).


All club spins leave from the Castle Gates (except Tuesday morning spin) and any change to this will be posted to the members WhatsApp group.

All rides leave sharp at the time specified.

Routes are posted to the members WhatsApp group. If you are already a member and want to be added to this group please message Betty Byrne (Secretary) on 086 8600899 with your name and telephone number. New members are automatically added to the WhatsApp group when registration through Cycling Ireland website has been completed.

Incident Report Form

This form must be completed in full and sent to the Club Secretary in the event of an accident/injury to an individual while on a club or solo spin. Please return the form within 24 hours of the incident.

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