New Members

Membership-2018If you are interested in joining Marble City Cyclers why not join us for a trial spin first. Or if you are sure you want to become a member then download and complete the membership form.

You can also join online at, selecting Marble City Cyclers as your club.

If you have any questions about joining the club then please contact us by phone/e-mail: 

Eugene Mullally  Chairman (087) 6893743

Mike Lewis   Secretary  (086) 8253278



Meeting Place

We meet at the Kilkenny Castle Gates every Saturday and Sunday morning. All non members are welcome to join us on a spin to find out more about the club. The only thing we ask is that if you join us on more than 3 occasions you consider becoming an official member of the club. This membership will also include Cycling Ireland insurance for club rides.

The pace of the club run is generally dictated by the group that assembles on a given morning so it can vary. Very few of our members race, the majority like to do sportive rides so the pace of club spins tend to be fairly moderate and we try our best to accomodate beginners. As a guide though you should be comfortable doing a spin of approximately 60 – 80 KM at an average speed of 25 – 28 KPH for the 9am and 9:30am group. For the Sunday leisure group a spin of 40 – 60 KM at 22-25 KPH.

See Club Spins for further details.