Club Spins

At Marble City Cyclers we have different levels of cycling abilities and we split these into 3 different groups. Please look below to see what category you fall in to before joining the group. We cater for all abilities.



All rides leave sharp at  the times specified


Routes are posted on MEMBERS ONLY WhatsApp group!! If you are a member and want to be added to this group please message Eugene to 087 6893743 with your name and number.


Saturday and Sunday (8:30  AM RED GROUP)

This group caters for experienced cyclists that ride between 85KM to 100KM+ at 29+ KPH.This ride will be taken on the day by a group leader.


Saturday and Sunday (9:00 AM BLUE GROUP)

This group caters for cyclists capable of doing 60KM to 100KM at 26+ KPH. Route posted to members only WhatsApp group.


Sunday (9:15 AM LEISURE GROUP)

This is a spin we use for leisure cyclists that like to just enjoy a leisure spin. We also use it for integrating the Monday night beginners and eventually moving up through the tiers of our club spins as fitness improves. This group do between 30KM to 60KM at about 23+ average KPH.

This spin usually takes in a coffee stop along its route.



What do you need to bring on a Club Cycle?

The following is a list of items that each Club Member should carry at all times when on the bike:

  • Pump
  • Saddle Bag – Containing 2 tyre tubes, tyre levers, multi-tool, puncture repair kit
  • Foldable Rain Jacket (dress for the occasion you know Irish weather!!)

With regards water and nutrition, it is recommended to carry the following:

  • Two water bottles (recommended to drink at least 1 bottle per hour)
  • Bananas
  • Glucose / Energy Sweets
  • A small amount of cash as sometimes the group may stop for coffee/tea
  • Mobile Phone (in case of emergency)

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