Bike Park Ireland 2017




Saturday 30th of September


Setting out from Kilkenny on a fine September morning members of MCC turned out on the day to try their hand at some downhill but on a slightly different terrain. We all arrived to a safety briefing on the course and how difficult the trails were.



As we glanced over the routes we were all searching for the easy routes to start out with!

We entered the bike and gear hut, where we were dressed in safety gear in no time with helmets, knee and shin guards and also elbow guards. We all looked like storm troopers from Star Wars as we got fitted for our bikes.

All ready to hit the pump course to try out the bikes and get used to the set up before we jumped aboard the army truck and headed up the side of the mountain.




Once at the top it was not long before we were rocketing down through a narrow path chiseled out of the landscape through trees and rocks and over-jumps.  Our adrenalin was pumping fast as we perused fellow club members down this technical course. Once we reached the end, relieved we were all in the one piece, the army truck was there waiting to bring us back again. 


The routes we decided to do were fast and difficult with fast sweeping bends up cambers and in to jumps and through trees. It was not long before we thought we were Pros and attacking more difficult trails.

 MCC members braving the difficult course


Denis decides to make his own route and ends up on foot

Below is Pat flat to the mat but always has time to give a smile to the camera!



Mark showing us all how it’s really done!!!



Once we worked up a good appetite, we all welcomed a delicious BBQ burger with all the trimmings. This was a brilliant day out and a good way to meet members outside of the club spins. Highly recommended to all for next year  – Roll on 2018!