All cycles start from Kilkenny Castle main gates and leave sharp at times stated.

If you have any questions in relation to the club or want to try out a spin, contact the MCC Chairman Tommy on 086 8192947.

Spring/Summer 2021 schedule caters for two groups.

Saturday & Sunday 8:45AM Spin

Average 29+KPH over distances of 85KM to 100KM

Saturday & Sunday 9:00AM Spin

Average 26+ KPH over distances of 65KM to 80KM

Sunday Leisure Spin 9:15AM Spin

Average 22 +KPH over distances of 45KM to 60KM

all rides progress in distances and speed over the summer months.

Beginner Spins 

Beginner spins will start on April 2021 usually on a Monday evening and will continue through the summer. We aim to bring cyclists from spins of 20KM up to completing the Tour de Kilkenny 80KM cycle. Over the past number of years cyclists have went on to complete the Tour De Kilkenny 120KM or even the Ring of Kerry. Whatever your cycling goals, MCC can help you achieve them.

All coaches are Cycling Ireland trained and have been coaching cyclists in Kilkenny for the past 8 years. We offer any cyclist to come and try out our spins. After 3 spins we ask you to join our club and become members of Cycling Ireland which covers you for insurance while out on rides with other members.



1. Protect your head. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all cycling deaths in the U. S. every year. Many of these deaths could be avoided if everyone wore a helmet while cycling. Always wear a helmet when riding and make sure your kids do as well. Many states have bike helmet laws, but you should always wear one even if you don’t have too.

2. Don’t pedal in high gear for extended periods of time. You want to try and keep your cadence between 70 and 90 rpm’s. When you pedal in a high gear it puts added strain on you knees.

3. Use your gears. When climbing hills shift into a gear that will keep your cadence in the right range of rpm’s so you can make it up the hill without putting undue stress on your knees.

4. Get a proper bike fit. Having your bike set up to fit your body will make riding much easier, more efficient and cause you much less pain and soreness during and after the ride.

5. Get the right saddle. Getting the right saddle will make a huge difference when riding. Don’t think the thickest padding will give you the most comfortable ride. A longer seat with a cutout will generally be the best type of saddle. Read reviews online and find out what others like, then test ride a few.

6. Change position while riding. Move your hands around on the bars, and move your rear end around on the saddle. This will keep your hands, arms and rear from getting numb due to prolonged time in a given position.

7. Don’t ride with headphones on. It can be extremely dangerous if you don’t hear an emergency vehicle or other commotions behind you or off to the side. If you have to have music, get a small clip-on radio with a speaker that you can attach to your jersey.

8. Know the rules. Ride with traffic and obey all road signs. Closely watch all cars in front of you so you can try to anticipate what they are going to do.

9. Keep your head up. Look out in front far enough ahead so you can react to any obstacles in the road or on the shoulder in front of you.  Things like storm drain grates are very bad for skinny road bike tires.

10. Be Safe Be Seen. please have flashing rear lights on all rides it is very important to be seen at all times as sometimes we may get delayed due to mechanical issues while out on rides

If you follow these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike.

Lastly, don’t worry! At MCC we will go through everything above to get you the confidence you need on a bike!